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Joyce Chen

Joyce Chen

Hey there! My name is Joyce, and I’m a Taiwanese American student studying Foreign Languages and Literatures at National Taiwan University. In Taiwan, I work as an English tutor to 2 adorable preschoolers. When I’m not studying or working, I love to travel throughout Asia! Throughout the incredible journey life has taken me on, I never fail to take a step back and thank God for the opportunities I have been given and to reflect on my faith. I hope you enjoy this little piece of my life, and thanks for visiting!

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In December 2021, I, along with 2 classmates from NTU, co-founded interWellness, a foodie platform that allows people with special dietary restrictions (such as those with chronic diseases) to find and filter meals at nearby restaurants by their nutritional content. We competed in the Hult Prize competition, starting with the Hult Prize NTU OnCampus round to winning the Hult Prize Taipei Impact Summit, and moved on to attend the global accelerator program in the UK during the summer of 2021. 

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